Want to achieve quick positive impacts in your life while being active and enjoying the great New Zealand outdoors?

Activating your body & mind together to boost creativity & your sense of wellbeing while gaining the solutions you need.

These individualized intensive programmes are a one-on-one half day or full day experience exclusively for those who are ready to dive deep and break through an area of difficulty, a barrier or long-standing pattern. The day will be tailored to suit your individual your individual needs and goals to ensure you achieve the success you need from this time.

Benefits of Nature Outdoor Intensive sessions include:

  • Add new perspectives to get unstuck around any nagging specific issues
  • Discover & cut through old limiting beliefs to new options, possibilities & clarity for your future success & happiness
  • Restoring your inner drive & confidence
  • Discovering & planning the practical next steps to move assertively forward with your goals
  • Release the worries and stress you’re carrying to enjoy a well-defined vision
  • Access new ideas & your intuition in the wonderful New Zealand landscape
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These Coaching Intensive sessions are designed to jump start the results you need and accelerate the progress of your growth in just one session, while moving the body & burning calories. Locations across Auckland that include coastal walks, bush/waterfall walks and reserves, all enjoying the wonderful New Zealand scenery.

These Intensive Coaching sessions are ideal for, professional, self-aware people who are
looking to make a significant positive change in their lives.

Types of Coaching Intensives to Choose From:

Half Day Sessions of 3 – 4 hours:

K3A deep dive into core issues you currently have, find clarity and developing a plan of action to move confidently forward towards achieving your goals.

Full Day Intensive Sessions:

K1Ideal to fully review empower your life. These are recommended to work through complex situations and to challenge you to find clarity, live bolder and more courageously in achieving what you only dream of.

Retreat Style Sessions:

K2Sessions held over two days or more. Sustained attention and continuity for the strongest results.

Some Key Areas of Focus:

  • Reflection and taking stock – where you are at now. Full acknowledgement, realisations and celebrations.
  • Values – discovering and understanding your personal values and drives.
  • How are you living in line with these and in what ways can you fully?
  • Communication – what is your natural communication style?
  • Understanding how this is holding you back and how to communicate authentically to be heard.
  • Vision and direction – Creating your authentic crystal clear vision of success and happiness.
  • Limiting beliefs – uncovering those old limiting blocks and fears (we all have them) to shake them off and fully empower your life
  • Action plan – building your action plan forward that works for you
  • Summary of key insights, learning and next steps

These programmes are only for people who take responsibility for their personal growth and life experience and who have a strong commitment for positive change in their lives. A short phone consultation with me is required to determine suitability and which type of intensive session that is right for new clients.

This Outdoors Coaching Intensive is also available for small groups (2 – 6)

These are ideal for covering key life & business skills such as communication, problem solving, setting healthy boundaries,
assertiveness, confidence, goal setting, building clear vision & much more.