My mission is to help people take charge of their destiny, to empower them to reach their full potential to live their lives with success, joy and purpose.


Building Confidence and Influence

With this workshop you’ll come away empowered with the mental skills to influence with your full confidence.

Feel like you’re missing out?
Feel like you’re not being heard?
Dread being in the spotlight?

Do you want to:

Gain the advantage for success?
Engage with more connection?
Enjoy greater connection and influence?

You Will Leave With: 


  • More Influence & confidence
  • The skills to communicate clearly & more effectively
  • Mastering previously stressful situations
  • Reduced worry & anxiety
  • Greater self-belief
  • New networks and part of the ‘Own the Room’ pod

Active learning approach
You ‘take the reins’ in your learning which incorporates active discussions, role-plays, activities and laughter

Modern tools and mental skills
To deliver deeper learning, insights and understanding

Top quality coaching and limited places
2 x 4 hour sessions with limited numbers so you have the best experience

Client centered
This workshop is focused on you and the results you want.


16 and 23 November, 9.30am – 1.30pm


The Northern Club, Princes Street, Auckland Central


Limited numbers, Register Now!

Step Up, Be Heard, Become Your True Confident Self


What participants are saying about Kelly

  • Kelly has an amazing ability to draw out the positive from all experiences. He knows his stuff, supports you, encourages you to grow.
  • Kelly is relaxed, friendly and authentic
  • Engaging, motivational and easy to follow
  • Friendly, funny, supportive
  • Great subject knowledge, clear, confident and easy to relate to
  • Kelly is amazing! Engaging and interesting style and content
  • Excellent, ensured everyone was taking it all in and working together
  • Loved his passion, motivation and energy
  • Confident, relaxed and created a safe environment
  • Understand your view and needs.

What they said about the workshop

  • Superb, top quality! Fantastic information and tools, great challenges. Uplifting and delivers on outcomes.
  • Thoroughly valuable for me and will significantly improve my life
  • Identified personal traits, took away new skills and tools
  • Thank you for an amazing course, we learnt so much that is valuable for our future
  • I’ve taken wonderful skills to use in my future
  • You come away with the key life skills of knowing the right communication tools to use in which situation.
  • Learning these skills has helped me interact with colleagues in difficult situations more easily. I’m breaking old unhelpful communication habits with these new tools to help me achieve better outcomes with work and my family, thank you!
  • I would recommend Kelly to anyone seeking ways in which to manage their life better, to BE better. Sarah, Team Manager
  • The results speak for themselves! Thanks Kelly!
  • Kelly has given me the tools to be able to consolidate my ideas, as well as provide me with some real direction, bringing with it the belief that I can achieve my dreams and goals.

People who recommend this course to friends and colleagues

People who feel ready and confident using these skills