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a professional results coach whose adventurous army, travel, academic and professional background provides a unique foundation in his passion of helping others to reach their own Pure Potential.

I decided to listen to my mother’s advice and move out of home while I still knew everything! At age 16 I promptly joined the New Zealand Army. To my surprise, I discovered there was a great deal I didn’t know. Today I am still on this journey, learning, discovering and enjoying each step along the way.

The army provided a strong foundation from which I gained many lessons. Not the least, that our perceived limitations are merely barriers worth conquering. With planning, perseverance and courage, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

After completing eight years in the New Zealand Army I felt it was time to stretch my wings and travel. For the next seven years I based myself in London, working in the IT and Financial sectors. This was a world away from survival and weapons training of the NZ Army, and with that came a whole new set of challenges and growth.

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A professional coach and facilitator who uses her experiences living abroad for 16 years in Japan, London and Singapore, corporate life in various learning and leadership development roles, along with her curiosity and empathy to coach others to reach their own Pure Potential.

I started my career as a coach after having been a coachee almost 20 years ago. The experience was liberating and insightful. My coaching ‘toolkit’ has built up progressively over the last twenty years, predominantly with exposure to a handful of exceptional coaches in life and work. My delivery of workshops and pragmatism in life is complimented by my experience as a project manager.

Now based in Auckland, I have worked in all areas of the management & leadership development field including strategy and design of corporate programmes, assessment and selection of organisational talent, and the delivery of leadership programmes. These roles involved negotiating with business leaders and facilitating senior steering groups to build leadership programmes to meet business needs. I work to ensure the long term sustainability and business impact of learning and as a result, published a case study on some of this work (Case Studies in Knowledge Management, edited by Murray Jennex in 2005).

My thirst for learning about other cultures took me to Japan after completing my degree. From there I went on to London where I worked in various elements of people development in corporate and consultancy environments. Life in Singapore was next where we expanded our family from one child to four. I bring my experiences in corporate life along with change and being a logistics co-ordinator in a busy family to help clients embrace opportunities, find the right balance, and set their own path of personal development.

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